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David vs. Goliath

Whether out of choice or necessity, the smaller consulting organization offers their customers a more personal touch, more individualized attention, better practice management exposure and access, customized implementation solutions vs. the cookie-cutter approach, and a more pro-active approach to ongoing support.

Therefore, those become our competitive advantage, particularly when standing toe-to-toe vs. the regional and national VARS.  When they tout ‘large’, we respond ‘small and agile’, when they tout ‘structured’ we respond ‘flexible and responsive’, and when they claim ‘proven approaches’ we counter ‘there’s no single proven approach, as every customer is special and unique so we subscribe to best practices that enable us to be flexible and responsive to your individuality’.  Finally, when they claim they have thousands of installed customers, we respond ‘we have a small, but highly successful and referenceable family of business partners…not customers’.

We can be focused upon one success at a time, that we can be selective as to the customers we engage, and therein lies our strength and superiority.  After all, the smart money was on David, not Goliath.

Transform transactions into decision making power

Pease Consulting Group, Inc. helps you transform traditional accounting data into decision making power. We help business professionals make smart strategic decisions and evaluate the performance of every initiative or department in real-time with virtually a click of the mouse.

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