Software Evaluation Engagements

Requirements Definition Engagements

The easiest way to think of an Requirements Definition Engagement is a cheap insurance policy that if you purchase a new ERP software that it will do what you need it to.   It is MUCH, MUCH more than a simple checklist.   It involves interviewing your staff to determine business processes in place, documentation, and a deliverable of a report that can be provided to software vendors as your requirements.  The vendor then has a document to work with to definitively state if there is a fit or not.  A by-product of a properly performed Requirement Definition Engagement is that it presents an opportunity to identify business process needing improvement even without purchasing software.

Pilot Projects / Proof of Concept Engagements

So you have narrowed down your software selection to a final candidate, the question becomes “What can I do to ensure that the leading selection will real do what I need?”.  A Pilot Project will help you gain that assurance.

Typically a Pilot Project consists of:
• Setup and configuring the software based on your stated requirements
• Add a limited number of master records.  Accounts, Customers, Vendors, Projects, etc.
• Process representative transactions and measure if the results are consistent with your stated requirements and reporting.

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