Creating Value

Transform transactions into decision making power

Pease Consulting Group, Inc. helps you transform traditional accounting data into decision making power. We help business professionals make smart strategic decisions and evaluate the performance of every initiative or department in real-time with virtually a click of the mouse. 

Maintain the highest level of accountability by:

• Sharing timely, accurate information with key stakeholders (such as internal management, lenders, and the Board)
• Quickly respond to your auditor’s requests for supporting detail
• Produce easy-to-understand, presentation-quality reports and analyses  

Save time and money by streamlining organizational operations

In response to increasing competition for funding and demand for products and services, business executives and managers are turning their attention toward improving daily processes to improve productivity and reduce operating costs. To meet this challenge, organizations must turn to cutting-edge technology for process automation and data consolidation.

We can help you:

• Shave hours, days or months off your reporting cycle by easily consolidating data from disparate databases or locations
• Quickly create reports within the system rather than trying to manipulate data on external spreadsheets
• Enhance productivity and reduce input errors by automating transaction entry
• Provide a clear audit trail, making it easier for your auditor to verify your financial statements

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